Lux ‘Mini’ MICE will be a new trend.

Lux ‘Mini’ MICE will be a new trend for Japanese luxury travelers especially in a post-pandemic period. Here we mean ‘Mini’ is from 8-20 people participated from 3-7 families to experience same roots, same hobbies, same interests, etc.

These kind of conscious travel will be booming up in Japan looking for the origin of Japanese culture along with attracting regenerative mind from every one of them. So for those who would like to catch Japanese high net worth families as a group, every tourism boards have to line up there origins, histories, something obvious, etc with their center-pinned promotions.

Looking for something obvious is quite important from now, because you will be able to enhance its value from around Zero to priceless.

Lastly, those tourism boards which interested in posting on this website, please let us know.


  1. ザルツブルク 観光バスのオンライン予約システム 18年6月運用開始

  2. ザルツブルクがジャズの街になる5日間

  3. コアラ


  4. 2018年3月~4月のタヒチ観光関連イベント情報

  5. オーロラ


  6. 金閣寺


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